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Multidisciplinary Development Lab

Blast Off! is a multidisciplinary arts lab for longer-form developing projects. Artists can propose a project in any medium (film, music, theater, dance, fiction, poetry, even visual art!) with the goal of creating a first draft of that project by late spring of 2018.  Blast Off will meet every two weeks February - June 2018, and at each meeting artists will be required to bring in work to share and to participate in feedback.  UC will provide its artists with meeting space, snacks, and peers with whom to share work at each meeting, as well as space for sharing their first drafts at the end of the spring.  We'll work with you to determine what you'll bring in to each meeting: it might look like ten pages for a script, 3 minutes of composed music or choreographed material, a storyboard, or whatever the next right step might be.  

At the end of this form, we'll ask you to send us a work sample via email ( This work sample should be of a different piece than the one you are proposing, something that you're proudest of. What you send will generally vary with your medium: we suggest twenty pages of a script or ten pages of fiction/poetry, ten minutes of produced music, five finished works for visual artists, a ten minute short film or direct excerpt of a feature, or five to ten minutes of documentation for choreographed movement.  Please feel free to email us with questions about your specific project! 

Applications are due on December 13th. Interviews with semi-finalists will be conducted the first and second weeks of January, and the Blast Off Class of 2018 will be announced in the first week of February. 

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