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Multidisciplinary Development Lab

Undiscovered Countries’ Blast Off Development Lab brings together artists from wide-ranging disciplines to create new, uncharted works in active conversation with each other over four months.  The lab culminates in a public showing tailored to each artist’s needs. We are so excited to introduce you to these artists and their projects, and hope you follow them as they develop further!

2018 Season

coming soon!

2017 Season

Brianne Rowe’s “Iris” is a graphic novel about an awkward 10-year-old black girl who doesn't always feel like she fits in. But when it is revealed she was born with special powers and will soon be tasked with being the guardian of several dimensions, Iris learns to accept herself and that it takes more than "strength" to protect what she loves.

Hollis Beck’s "Lonely Skies" is an interactive theater piece with branching paths and multiple endings. In the style of visual novels and adventure RPG's, the piece leads the audience through Lonely Skies Casino, its secret underground market, and the nearby government run hospital in a story that changes based on the choices they make, encouraging players to choose friendships wisely, seize opportunity, and plan for any consequence.

In Molly Liu’s graphic novella, after escaping her homophobic family to live with her girlfriend, Emily Xie starts having dreams about the monolithic Goddess of Drought.

Rebecca Vineyard’s "Ambiguously Olive" is a solo performance piece exploring what it means to be a(n often) white-passing Palestinian woman.

TJ Burleson wears dresses that he made with unconventional materials. His piece "I Want You (To Touch Me)" is performance art and drag with a focus on the audience experience. Things will get weird.

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