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Undiscovered Countries Press produces illustrated fiction and poetry. We pair emerging visual

artists and writers in collaboration on short

pieces - each creating a new work in response

to a piece of the other's.

These get published as program inserts

in our bimonthly Festival Programs, and

then compiled in the September Yearbook,

published in coordination with our

anniversary show.

We are currently accepting submissions

for the 2016 - 2017 yearbook! To have your

writing illustrated or your drawings written to,

email us at


A multimedia multidimensional adventure story. Written by Barbara Begley, illustrated by James Brooks Robinson and Shakhed Hadaya. Album by Gandor Chorale. Featuring SO MANY SPECIAL GUESTS! Coming soon, so watch this space for updates.

Three short stories and an essay. 

Written by Kofi D. Opam

Illustrated by Shakhed Hadaya


Iris is an awkward 10-year-old black girl who doesn't always feel like she fits in. But when it is revealed she was born with special powers and will soon be tasked with being the guardian of several dimensions, Iris learns to accept herself and that it takes more than "strength" to protect what she loves.

By Brianne Rowe.

Emily Lu keeps dreaming about a monolith in the desert. A comic about what it means to "go crazy."

A graphic novella by Molly Liu. Copies and original art are available at Undiscovered events; copies are also available at Desert Island and Bluestockings.


(cw: intimate partner violence)

Download the PDF

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