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Barbara K. Begley is a founding member and board member of Undiscovered Countries, and a Brooklyn based artist, writer, and art-enabler. Outstanding Undiscovered Countries developed credits: she was nominated for Outstanding Costume Design for her work on Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin’s Ambition; or The American Female Serial Killer Musical, her play MARYSHELLEYSHOW won Audience Choice Award for its venue at the Chicago Fringe Festival, and Half Lives, her graphic novel collaboration with Shakhed Hadaya with accompanying album by Gandor Chorale, hits stands this fall.

Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin is a Brooklyn­-based writer, producer & performer. Founding member of Undiscovered Countries, co­-creator of original series 2 Girls | 1 Asian. Recent credits include Ambition: the female American serial killer musical (Ars Nova, Tom Noonan's Paradise Factory, Dixon Place); wardrobe at Blue Man Group; writer for upcoming series BKPI created by Hye Yun Park.

Adin Lenahan is an actor, writer, and receptionist. NEW YORK: Pilgrim Notes (original solo show); U.S. Drag; ArtaudArtaud; Corners Grove; Midwestern Gothic (original solo show); History of the Donner Party: an American Musical!; The Grapes of Wrath; Pvt. Wars; Valhalla; Reid Farrington's A Christmas Carol; Lemon Cake. REGIONAL: MaryShelleyShow (Congretional Church of Jefferson Park, IL); Lark/Song (Red Cloud Opera House, NE). New York University (BFA Drama).

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Zoë Erwin-Longstaff is a theatre maker from Toronto, by way of Montreal and Berlin. She has presented work across Canada at various Fringes, Uno Fest, Lab Cab, the ReVolver Festival, the Paprika Festival and Summerworks (where her play Half Girl/Half Face received honorable mention for the Contra Guys Award); as well as abroad at English Theatre Berlin and The Fresh Fruit Festival in New York. She is a recipient of an Ontario Theatre Creators Reserve grant, Toronto Arts Council grant, and an alumna of Factory Theatre’s the Foundry and the Lincoln Center Directors Lab.  She received her MFA from Hunter College under the auspices of Branden Jacobs Jenkins and Annie Baker. 


Cameron Toy has been involved with Undiscovered Countries since the spring of 2013, and serves as unoffical tech director. They are part of Brooklyn rustic electropunk band and UC mainstay Gandor Chorale, who this year created two upcoming albums: the soundtrack for new musical Ambition; The Female American Serial Killer Musical, and the score for new graphic novel Half Lives. They are also available for freelance recording and music production. 

Their recording and production page is here

Gandor Chorale is Here

Liz Rogers is a photographer, writer, and performer based out of Brooklyn, New York, who has been photographing and performing with Undiscovered Countries since its founding in 2012. See her work at

Shakhed Hadaya is a Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator. Her first theatrical design, for MARYSHELLEYSHOW, was lauded as "beautiful and disturbing" by critics. She is currently working on the graphic novel Half Lives with Barbara Begley, James Brooks Robinson, and Gandor Chorale, and is very excited to help launch Undiscovered Countries Press this fall. Find her at


A.J. Ditty

A.P. Andrews

Adin Lenahan

Alessandra Varsano

Alex Grubbs

Alex Vlahov

Alexandra Grunberg

Alexandra Guillen

Alicia Barnatchez

Allon Hadaya

Alton Alburo

Amy Yourd

An-Li Bogan

Ana M. Verde

Anthony Ritosa

Ari Mayer


Barbara K. Begley


Braulio C. Cruz

Brianna Larson

Brianna Sculley

Brittany Allen

Brittany Moran

Bronx Cheer

Bryn Carter

Cameron Burns

Cameron Toy

Carissa Matsushima

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Carolyn Cutillo

Cassidy Dawn Graves

Charlie Jordan

Charlie Manoukian

Charlie Poulson

Chloe Erskine

Chris Insignares

Chris Ogren

Cindy Luong

Cody Magouirk

Colin Waitt

Colleen Toole

Dan Rider

Dana Steinhoff

Danie Brawand

Daniel Patrick Smith

Daniella DeJesus

Danielle Sacks

David Bernstein

David Fernandez Patino

Devlin Lewicki

Dorian Carli-Jones

Douglas Waterbury-Tieman

E.B. Hinnant

Eli Walker

Eliana Gottesman

Eliana Mullins

Elizabeth Spano

Eloïse Eonnet

Emily Dixon

Emily Wassung

Eric Mercado

Erin Leigh Schmoyer

Eugene Ma

Faith Lindley

Francisco Huergo

Frankie Wofford

Gabriel Carli-Jones

Gandor Chorale

Garrett Gray

Gianfranco Settecasi

Gina Stevenson

Grace Glass

Grace Smith

Grant Shprintz

Hannah Bennett

Hannah Macdonald

Hollis Beck

Jaime Wright

James Brooks Robinson

Jamie McGonagill

Jason Grimste

Jay Owen Eisenberg

Jay Wilner

Jaye Hunt

Jenn Tash

Jenna Dioguardi

Jenny Nelson

Jessica Dick

Joel Soren

John David Bujalski

Jon Peacock

Jon Theo Norville

JP Faienza

Julie Lucas

Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin

Karyn Joy DeYoung

Kate Szekely

Katie Fanning

Katie Medved

Katrina Day


Kelley Van Dilla

Kelly Colburn

Kelsey Hercs

Kirsten Frisina

Kofi Opam

Kristie Lee

Kristin McCarthy Parker

Laura Hesse

Laure Porché

Lauren Ullrich

Leah Henley

Liz Carlson

Liz Rogers

Loretta Graney

Luke Eisemann

Madeleine Bugeau-Heartt

Mary Ann Clay

Mary Brownlee

Matt Rossiter

Matthew McShane

Max Carpenter

Max Reuben

Megan Griffith

Megan Lynch

Michael Walker

Michelle Croll

Michelle Siracusa

Mima Good

Molly Liu

Molly Vivian McGaughey

Neysa Lozano

Nora Boronkay

Paige Campbell

Par Juneja

Patrick Daly

Peter Clark

Phoebe Dwight

Rebecca Eklund Neglia

Rebecca Russell

Rebecca Vineyard

Ryan Aasen

Sabrina Cheng

Sarah Newton

Sasha Diamond

Sawyer Eason

Sean Daniels

Shakhed Hadaya

Shannon Foy

Sharen Paradise

Sofia Szamosi

Stephanie Guedalia

Susannah Perkins

Taylor Adamson

Taylor Yates

Teri Madonna

Tess Geier

Tess Howsam

Tessa Skara

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Tony Vo

Travis Tinney

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Vincent Graham

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Yonit Friedman

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