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Half Lives, or Ernest Oliver Wineberg's Book of Necessary Knowledge

Undiscovered Countries Press, 2016

Half Lives follows nine and a half year old Ernest and ten year old J. Starr, two boys in 1990's California, as they become friends and go on interdimensional adventures, righting the wrongs of the multiverse. Armed with J's magical bike and Ernest's personal encyclopedia of vital information (topics include: Your Hometown, People You Definitely Know, Cnidarians), the boys embark on a Grand Quest into the void of space and time to find J’s missing father. This adventure brings J and Ernest face to face with their deepest fears and darkest secrets, leaving them to rely on their imaginations, wits, and friendship against the darkest force of the universe - loss.


written by Barbara Begley
pencil and ink by James Brooks Robinson
color, lettering, and Book of Necessary Knowledge by Shakhed Hadaya

original musical score by Gandor Chorale


softcover, full color, appx 250 pages; includes a download code for the album. Coming this fall.

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